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The Personal Shopping service offers you a hassle-free exclusive shopping experience.


Each Private Shopping appointment is tailored to suit your needs. Whatever you are looking for, whether it’s for a special occasion or event, seasonal wardrobe update, the perfect pair of jeans, a holiday wardrobe, let us take the work out of clothes shopping for you.



After a Personal Shopping session with us you will leave your appointment feeling confident and ready to take on the world with outfits and items that you love and the knowledge to understand what suits you.



After an initial consultation, which includes a personalised questionnaire,  the items will be pre-selected for you, based on your requirements and ready for your arrival. 


The session incudes trend and styling advice, fresh ideas on how to put new outfits together, guidance picking out the right colours to suit your skin tone, tips on how to finish the look and advice on how to dress for your body shape.



If you want to book this service or if you have any questions please get in touch bellow

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